Cleaning Service

Our complete cleaning service team ensures that your apartment or commercial property can be left in a clean condition, so that you can pass your apartment / office directly to the property management.  We are glad to take over complete cleaning before entering or after  leaving your apartment. 




We offer you: 


v  Cleaning windows from inside and outside

v  Care of the floor coverings.   

v  Cleaning kitchen, bathroom,  electrical appliances e.g. stove, oven etc.




We will bring all cleaning Utensils: 


   v Folding wiper

   v  Suitable mop covers for folding wiper

v  Cleaning rags

v  Microfiber cloths

v  Mop bucket

v  Broom, hand brush and dustpan

v  Vacuum cleaner + bags

v  Garbage bags

v  Dish washing liquid, scouring powder 

v  Universal cleaner

v  Bath cleaning spray

v  Glass spray

v  Descaling spray 


You leave the apartment empty, and we take over the complete cleaning.


After cleaning we take all the garbage with us.


We will be glad to offer you a package price with moving and cleaning , that you have complete service from one hand.



 Please fill our  contact form and we will provide a  reasonable offer.